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Size- 82.6 MB

Current Version- 1.0828

Requires Android- 4.2 and up


Offered: Star Wraith 3D Games LLC 

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Evochron Mobile is a freeform space flight simulation game that features a variety of gameplay mechanics and a simplified user interface. It's designed to be a "lite" version of the desktop version of Evochron. The goal of the game is to provide players with a more immersive experience while reducing the amount of resources required to support mobile devices.

In Evochron Mobile, you can explore a vast open world and complete various activities such as trading, spying, mining, and designing upgrades for ships.

Unlike other flight simulation games, Evochron Mobile does not feature a single character or plot requirement. Instead, it allows players to change their role in the universe at any point. This allows them to establish their own reputation and improve their ranking. Your actions and decisions are the central factors in the game's universe.

The goal of Evochron Mobile is to provide players with a tactical gameplay experience that's focused on flight simulation and combat. Unlike other flight simulation games, you can still control your ship in open space.


The game's physics system allows players to control their ship's movement with a six-axis freedom of movement. This allows them to perform various maneuvers such as slide and drifting.

The goal of Evochron Mobile is to provide players with a freeform sandbox gameplay experience that's focused on flight simulation and combat. It's designed to allow them to perform various small activities as part of an overall freeform structure. The game's framework allows players to create their own sequence of events.

Over 30 ship frames are available to players, and they can customize their ship's appearance and character. They can also upgrade their ship's combat, mining, exploration, and trading capabilities. New equipment and upgrades are additionally available to enhance the ship's performance.

In order to start a new ship, players must first choose their starting role and faction. The goal of this process is to establish their starting location and the number of credits they'll start with.


In Evochron Mobile, players can explore and conduct business in an expansive open world. They can fly to different star systems and planet, and they can explore the atmospheres of these planets to find new resources. They can also hide in asteroid fields or in nebula clouds to protect themselves from cosmic rays.

The three weapon classes that are available in Evochron Mobile are the beam weapons, particle cannons, or secondary missiles. The former can be used against both ships and shields, while the latter requires a target to be led. The former is more effective against ship hulls, but it requires leading a group to intercept. On the other hand, secondary missiles can vary in speed, agility, yield, and ability.

The game's robust gameplay and location-based difficulty selection allow players to expand their scope of activities and earn higher profit. They can also start out in safer systems and then move to new locations to increase their profit potential.

Mod features 

Unlimited Gold.

Unlimited coins.

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